Navigating grief amidst tragedy: A letter from Donnelly's counselor

Navigating grief amidst tragedy: A letter from Donnelly's counselor

A note to students and staff from Donnelly's licensed counselor on Thursday, February 15:

I am sure by now most of you are aware of what happened at Union Station yesterday. Sadly, this type of news is not all that uncommon. 然而,, it always feels more personal and devastating when it occurs in our community and in places that are familiar to us. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were at Union Station yesterday.

除了, we also need to remember many of us are hurting by simply being exposed to news reports, 视频, and the fact that this trauma occurred in or near the place we call home. Although there is no perfect thing to say, there are things to keep in mind that can help us to heal and move forward.

First and foremost, it is very common to experience a range of emotions after a traumatic event. Talking about these feelings may be comforting and reassuring. This is also a good time to practice self-care to cope with any additional stress. Eating well-balanced meals, getting plenty of rest, and mild exercise may also be helpful.

Remember to take a break from news coverage of the event. You may want to keep informed about what is happening, but overexposure can increase feelings of stress. You might consider setting limits and checking for updates a few times a day rather than constant monitoring.

Look for balance in the world around us. Some bad things happened yesterday. But that is not the entire picture of the world we live in. Remembering negative events are only one part of our experiences and not the whole story may be helpful. Check with others to see how they are doing. Comforting others often brings us comfort as well.

Finally, remember there are resources available if you need them. Visit Donnelly's Counseling Center webpage for information on how to make an appointment. Walk-ins are also welcome. 除了, crisis counseling is available to you through the virtual care app.

Wishing you healing and peace,

Susan Lechliter
Donnelly College Counselor